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Humanoid creature

This is a creature design that I have been working on and off as a part of a workshop with Jerad Marantz. Great experience all along, learned a ton on how to approach creature design and then execute it fully in 3d. This are some of the final renders of it . My focus was make it grounded and believable while still being exciting. Enjoyed the process a lot so I will work on more in the future.

Josu solano closeuplr


Josu solano threequarter backlr


Josu solano widelr


Josu solano threequarter frontlr

3/4 front

Josu solano clay front2lr

Clay front

Josu solano clay back2lr

Clay back

Josu solano humanoid sketch

2d concept

Josu solano doodle

Initial sketch

Josu solano ortho

Ortho as it looks in zbrush

Josu solano painted ortho

polypainted ortho

Josu solano options

Some quick options for the pattern

Josu solano surface detail

Surface closeup